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What do kidney stones really feel like? Here are the symptoms you're likely to experience

As your kidney stone forms, you won't feel any pain. It's when your body tries to get rid of the stone that you experience the true agony of kidney stones! Here's what you can expect to feel when you have a kidney stone: [read more...]

Orange juice: A kidney stone sufferer's best friend!

Instead of taking medications to prevent your kidney stones, use this natural remedy! Oranges contain a natural form of citrate, which does the exact same thing as traditional kidney stone med. So, ditch the meds, and grab a glass of orange juice in the mornings to keep your kidneys stone free [read more...]

Living in South Africa increases your risk of kidney stones by 30%

Does your choice of home country have an effect on how high your risk of kidney stones is? It seems like it can! And it all has to do with the climate. But there's ways around it! Let's see what you can do to lower your risk. [read more...]

New study proves sugar causes havoc with hormones - and causes disease…

by , 17 September 2013

You might be the picture of health, but if you have a fizzy drink every day, there's a good chance you're not as healthy as you may think you are.

Studies have shown that even moderate amounts of sugar can increase your risk of disease in ways that aren't always obvious.

Research performed at the Child and Family Research Institute in Vancouver, Canada identified that eating too much sugar affects testosterone and oestrogen levels.

Researchers discovered eating too much fructose and glucose turns off the gene that produces testosterone and oestrogen  inside the body.

Glucose, fructose and corn syrup is in table sugar, fizzy drinks, syrups and low-fat products.

Glucose and fructose are processed and turned into energy in the liver. If you eat too much sugar, the liver converts it into fat, also called lipids.

During the study, the researchers used mice and human liver cell cultures. They learned when there’s too much lipid, the lipid turns off the SHBG gene - the sex hormone binding globulin gene.

This gene produces a protein that binds to the sex hormones testosterone and oestrogen and carries them into the bloodstream.

Only the hormones that are free and unattached to the protein can enter cells and be active. If the SHBG gene shuts down and does not release any SHBG protein, greater amounts of oestrogen and testosterone releases throughout the body.

Sugar can cause diseases

The increase of these hormones is responsible for acne, infertility, polycystic ovaries and uterine cancer.

When SHBG amounts are low, it disrupts the balance between oestrogen and testosterone. The imbalance of these hormones can lead to cardiovascular disease, especially in women.

Sugar can also change behaviour, especially in children.

In adults sugar can cause depression and other mood disorders.

Next time you’re thirsty, replace your fizzy drink with green tea or another herbal tea, water or natural fruit juice.

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sugary treats and weight loss

I’m trying to lose weight, but I can’t seem to stay away from sugary treats? Is there a solution to starving these cravings? [see the answer]

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